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Pro Carding Tips

in this article, we are going to talk about Professional Carding Tips. Professional carding is a popular method of stealing someone’s personal data or identity.

While the term “carding” refers to the physical act of stealing cards, online carding is a way of obtaining personal information such as bank statements, name and address, phone number,s and credit card numbers.

The art of professional carding is an activity that is constantly evolving, just like the technology used to do it. Some many different strategies and methods can be used to succeed in this activity and some of them are more effective than others.

To help you make better decisions when selecting tactics, I have prepared a list of 9 tips for choosing the best ones for your online fraud activities.

Professional carding is the best strategy for any grower and a great way to increase your profits. In this article, I want to pass on some tips that I use that have helped me to improve my skills and knowledge in this field.

Carding is an art and you have to be careful with your tips. This is why I have created this list of professional carding tips.

Top 8 Pro Carding Tips

1 Use socks5

2 Try to use a shipping address nearby the billing address

3 You must use the required Carding tools

4 Use Firefox

5 Use an email address similar to his cardholder name.

6 . if confirmation need give them details about cc.

7. Don’t sell or buy too much

8 Use a fake ID if needed

Use socks5

Use socks5, Socks5 proxy is a secure, high-performance proxy to help you bypass any restrictions on the Tor/Socks4 or HTTP proxies as they might leak DNS info.

Socks5 proxy servers are often used for securing your internet connection. Using socks4 or socks4a proxies can reveal your DNS information to anyone who may be trying to spy on your traffic.

Socks5 is a secure and anonymous way to communicate using your smartphone device. It’s based on the modern, robust, and open SOCKS protocol that allows you to send data residing in both a local network and the Internet.

So, Don’t use socks4 or HTTP proxies as they might leak DNS info. If a transaction is authorized and the merchant’s Payer ID matches the cardholder’s billing address, then the transaction will be authorized.

Try to use a shipping address nearby the billing address

Just a few things to remember, if your CC is from the UK, I’m not sure what caused your CC to be blocked but just a few things to remember, if your CC is from the UK try using the UK shipping address so it will look genuine, and so on for other countries

If the gift option is there, put it so it looks like you are shipping a gift to some friend, girlfriend, etc. Also, make sure you have a tracking number or proof of delivery or the package sent at the other end of things. This will allow them to verify the gifts got there and not return

Try to make orders before holidays like Valentine’s etc. Now, this is an old trick but it works for 2 reasons. The shops get many orders these days, so they can pass your fraudulent one as legitimate too. And it looks like you are sending a legit gift.

For your security, You must use these tools before CARDING

When you are going to do Carding, do not risk your personal information on insecure networks. You must use these tools before Carding and ensure the safety of your data.

  • cracked/open Wi-Fi
  • changed MAC,
  • Socks 5 in a virtual machine.
  • VMWare

I suggest VMWare and downloading a ready-made image so just open it. Try to create a proxy chain for your security, with the last external IP being the one to match the cardholder’s address.

Use Firefox

If you don’t like the idea of using private mode for everyday surfing, then use Firefox in private mode with some extensions. These extensions will help you to browse privately & securely on the web.

You can save yourself a lot of trouble by just jumping into Firefox in private mode and installing some extensions. This will keep you safe from trackers, remove cookies that track your browsing habits and flash cookies, plus get rid of LSO (Local Shared Objects) files. Be creative and explore.

Use an email address similar to his cardholder name.

If your cardholder is Billy Nye, use an email that is similar to his name. Having a strong personal connection with the customer will help them trust and remember you as a trusted contact. so create a new email address similar to the cardholderholder’spersonal name. if confirmation need give them details about cc. but make sure that don’t revalue your personals information. like, address or p, hone, etc.

if they call you then just give them information about cc.

Have a ready VoIP account and call the shop if they have to confirm information. Usually, they only ask about CC info and shipping address. You don’t want to call them with a man’s voice when CC is a female, do you? Use voice changers instead. Do this even when confirming orders for man CCs, to mask your identity. if they don’t call you just leave this step.

Don’t check your cc before making the purchase.

Checking CCs before making the purchase is highly discouraged as most checkers flag/kill cc. Try this at your own risk. Don’t check your cc before making the purchase, it can block your cc

Don’t sell or buy too much

Don’t sell or buy too much on eBay/Amazon/Flipkart, it can get suspicious. Try to use different sites and different usernames. However, don’t sell a brand-new iPhone for 100$ just to sell it. It will become suspicious!

use a fake ID, if needed

if you have the option to use a fake ID, do it. This is not exactly an easy decision,

Oh and use a fake ID, but I probably shouldn’t say this.

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