How to do carding- Carding Process 2023

What is Carding?

let’s start by explaining the term CARDING ” How to do carding “

What is Carding: Carding, or scamming as other people would say, is an art. It’s ordering items from the Net (cellphones, laptops, PDAs, TVs,) without actually paying for them. or at least, not paying with your own money, Carding is the process of using a stolen credit card to make unauthorized purchases. This can be done online.


In modern usage, carding refers specifically to illegal activity involving credit cards or identity theft.

Criminals use stolen information (including Social Security numbers) from people’s wallets and purses to create fake identities that allow them access to bank accounts and other financial resources owned by others.

The criminal then uses these resources for their own personal gain, usually by purchasing goods and services on the Internet using stolen credit card numbers.

Now you’ll all be wondering how we do this stuff.

Well, most sites accept credit cards as a payment form. These credit cards can be obtained from mIRC or public forums, or you can buy them from any trusted website or application.


There are different types of credit cards

How to do carding
How to do carding
How to do carding
How to do carding











When you obtain a credit card, you have to recognize the type: A card starting with 4 is a Visa, with 5 is a Mastercard, with 3 (15 digits long) is an Amex, with a 6 is Discover/JCB.

Carding tools

Carding Tools -

There are a few tools that you need.

Credit card/ Debit Card- You can Buy from Valid CC

VPN/Socks 5 – it will change your IP address

CC cleaner – It will change your Mac address

When ordering, sites will ask for a billing address and a shipping address. in the billing section you have to put credit or debit card details and for the shipping address, you have to put your address where you can receive your product.

How to do Carding with smartphone

Carding process

The first step in the carding process is to find a stolen credit card. You can do this by buying them on the dark web, or on any trusted website or application.

Get Your CC Ready

1. First of all connect your VPN to the Credit Card owner’s country

2. Open Mozilla Firefox/ Chrome

3. Go to Gmail

4. Make a new account with the CC owner’s name

5 Don’t put your number for verification

6. Now visit Amazon. Login to Amazon. in or

7. Make a new account with the CC owner’s name

8. Now add to the cart any product Sign Out

9. Do not disconnect the socks 5

10. Sign in after 15 minutes

11. Proceed to checkout

12. Put the address of the cc owner in the billing address and your address in the shipping address

13. But make sure the delivery of the product is available in India If not then change the product 14. Check the Gift option, if available

15. Place the order.

16. You will get the shipping details in Gmail

17. Wait for the product

18 .Done

Note:  if the product wasn’t delivered

    • Your Socks 5 wasn’t connected for 15 minutes
    • your cc is dead
    • or you didn’t follow the steps


  • Never use your real address/info.
  • Only use Socks 5 proxies
  • Never send anything to your own address!
  • Always research before you buy!
  • Never use your real identity and location when doing carding.
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